Free therapy from qualified professionals: National Stress Clinic Pro Bono

Libya, Afghanistan, Japan: places where free therapy is needed. Thanks for the great photos (l to r) to  Flickr/brqnetwork; Flickr/soldiersmediacenter; Flickr/compacflt.Are you a psychologist, clinical social worker or psychiatrist who could volunteer a few hours of your free time to a good cause? Or do you represent a non-profit or charity serving people who need free therapy?
If the answer to either of these questions is yes, you’ve come to the right place. National Stress Clinic, America’s premier distance-therapy practice, is launching a new service called National Stress Clinic Pro Bono. The service will allow:

  • Psychologists, social workers and psychiatrists to donate a little of their professional time to good causes.
  • Non-profits to establish relationships with these clinicians, and refer clients to them for pro-bono (free-of-charge) therapy.
  • Qualified, screened individuals in need to ask for therapy.

National Stress Clinic Pro Bono, which we are offering as a free public service, is built on our existing technology platform, which allows licensed and insured professionals to set their own hours and provide therapy and counselling to people in 14 states across the US via web video — from home or from an office.

Like our paying clients and patients, users of National Stress Clinic Pro Bono will get convenient access to qualified therapists who match their needs and schedules, but may not be within easy driving distance. To learn more, click below.